Leigh (b49t) wrote in melbourneindie,

Spring with a Fling!

Straight Friendly Queer Night
Roxanne Parlour, 2 Coverlid Pl.
27th Sept- this Thursday!

By golly, gee wiz and all that other shit! Fabrik are having a spring fling for their second event! Mary-Sue is ironing her favourite frock, George is saving all his allowance to pay for the limozine and parents everywhere are hoping that 'that little problem' will be cured by needlecraft and team sports. Alas, in a violent attempt at destroying heteronormativity, the nuclear family and society at large, delegates of the international queer conspiracy will descend upon Roxanne Parlour on the 27th of September. We'll be bopping to all the swell sounds of … Have you got a date yet? No? Well good, dates are sexist and we don't like that shit at Fabrik. So pull out your Sunday best, polish your shoes, down a milkshake at the local diner and (when you're finished) come along to the swellest event to rock the block since you realised you can't get pregnant from holding someone's hand!

Click below for flier!

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