the attention just encourages her... (quirkyslut) wrote in melbourneindie,
the attention just encourages her...

Benefit For Ben

Make a difference for Ben!

Ben Thompson, a victim of assault, is a 23 year old who now lives in a nursing home. Ben's family and friends are trying to raise $25,000 to keep up Ben's intensive speech, occupational and physiotherapy.

To this end, a benefit gig will be taking place at St Kilda's famed Esplanade Hotel, on September 11th, featuring some of Melbourne's best up and coming musical talent (including I Am Spartacus, The Advocates, Tim McMillan, Jason Cadd and the Gallows, The Gabriel Lynch Band and Zeptepi).

Tickets will be $15 at the door, and the door will be opening at 7.30pm!

Benefit For Ben has an LJ community. If you want to come to gig, want to help, or just want to express support, please join!


Crossposted like a crazy thing, apologies to all repeat viewers!
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